Luigi Visconti's passion for photography has been lifelong. Inspired by Anselm Adams black and white landscapes photographs, he created in 1997 his own dark room and began experimenting. In 1998 he moved from his home town Ravenna in Italy to Paris where he started nurturing interest for the traditional large format photography, and began shooting seriously in with a large-format view camera.


The large format allowed him to capture the panoramic views and the perspectives of the architecture. He was captivated by the sharp, diverse and ever changing landscape of Dubai, New York, Shanghai and later Hong Kong. He learned to explore the streets from every angle, scaling to the top of construction sites to capture skylines, architectures and melee of everyday life.

Each series he created provided him with a new challenge to show its personality in a different light. The importance of colors and architecture is the prevailing theme through this first body of work.

White Silence

His serie abour marble quarries is a relatively recent development with the major influence of Burtynsky, being the starting point. He went for this new project to the quarries of Carrara and Pietrasanta (Tuscany) dreaming of Michelangelo. Some of these quarries were at almost two hours walk from any accessible roads. During these journeys he was so impressed by the spiritual silence, broken up only by the echoes of his camera’s shutter, and so enthusiastic about the white and immaculate marble of these quarries, among the oldest and most prestigious, that he returned several times to catch the perfect light.

Architecture Legacy

Through his body of work, Luigi Visconti captures varied and extraordinary architectural legacy while sharing, with humility, his passion for traditional photography. Luigi Visconti works with both digital and 4x5” format, allowing wide angles, extreme details, rare tones and hues, and therefore, bringing dynamic life to some of the most beautiful landscapes and cities of the world, allowing us to contemplate them at their most beautiful and from unseen standpoints. His shootings require great patience and are at times even risk-taking.

Luigi Visconti lives in London and is still an active photographer, always ready to leave for some remote destination. He is represented in several galleries, such as Box Galleries (London), Envie d’Art and K+Y (Paris, London), and Artitled (Herpen, Netherlands).